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Master of Couture

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In the new year, we shine our designer spotlight on Nachiket Barve, an uber talented master of couture, as he sits down with Porte Mode to dish the dirt on all things fashionable in #PMPeople

PM: Your western collections have such a unique blend of international silhouettes and Indian techniques – tell us more about your design journey and how you got to this perfect balance? 

    NB: We live in a globalised world today; all of us listen to the same music, watch the same films, eat cuisine from across the globe… so why should design be limited to a geographical region! I am a cultural sponge - I soak up all that I see, yet coming from Indian heritage, imbibe that into my work. In a world filled with so many choices, having such an incredible wealth of craft resources in India adds value to my creations and helps me translate my ideas for a global customer today.

    PM: You studied at ENSAD after receiving a degree from NID – how has the French Atelier culture and design sensibility influenced your own creations?

      NB: Just being in Paris for a year is an opportunity of a lifetime! Studying at ENSAD on a scholarship from the french government was an honor and a truly amazing opportunity. It helped me get a first hand feel of the international stage, especially at the time when hardly any international brands or magazines had set up shop in India. Working with the artisans of the couture ateliers, seeing the museums, the flea markets was incredible. Interning with Celine, when Michael Kors was the creative Director was also incredible.

      PM: You have traveled the world – which is the one city besides Mumbai that you feel equally at home in?

      NB: Mumbai is home, but I love London a lot! It’s really exciting and there are so many incredible experiences to take in!  I love Florence for its poetry and Paris for romance, but I am perhaps most “at home” by a beach or in a forest or wildlife reserve!

       PM: Porte Mode is showcasing a capsule of your most iconic pieces from the FW14 collection – what do you hope American women take away from your collection?

      NB: I feel America today is such a diverse melting pot of cultures, tastes and people…I hope Amercian women appreciate the amazing couture-like workmanship that goes into my pieces, enjoy the inspirations and stories that form the basis of each collection and collect these pieces as wardrobe investments. Each piece is designed as a ‘timely yet timeless’ investment piece that will stand the test of fashion, yet add style. I love it when different women wear the same piece differently and hope these amazing women across America will feel a connect with my work and design philosophy.

      PM: You have won countless awards and accolades from the British Council, Elle, Vogue, and People Magazine just to name a few. You have a host of celebrity loyalists, and you recently collaborated with Bombay Dyeing for a home textiles line – out of all these achievements, what makes you most proud and satisfied as a designer? 

      NB: As a designer, I seek a connection with people through my product. I hope to create in the lives of people who buy, wear and experience what I make. Every time I see someone who really enjoys what she is wearing or getting a sense of delight out of my work, it makes me very proud and brings a sense of satisfaction.

       PM: Indian fashion has exploded on the international fashion stage – in your view, what comes next for Indian designers on the global front?

      NB: I think we are at a crucial time when change is in the air! No more is India only a land of the Maharajas and the exotic - truly global local design is the future of Indian fashion. Connecting with global customers and creating an original and new design language that amalgamates the best of Indian and global points of view is the future I feel

      PM: What is the one piece that best reflects your label’s style aesthetic completely? 

      NB: I absolutely love the Jeweled Moko mini dress featured on Porte mode. It has intricate and incredible Indian workmanship, an inspiring story with Maori tattoos that have been abstracted into motifs, and a confident chic vibe that speaks to a woman of today! Yet I believe its playful and irreverent.


      PM: Who is the “Nachiket Barve” woman?

      NB: Someone who lives and laughs! My oldest customer is 76 years old and youngest is 2 years old! She could live anywhere in the world… A stylist living on a beach in Italy bought some couture pieces from me last year, a doctor living in Argentina bought some jackets, but these are all women who are strong, who multitask and live fulfilling lives. I love strong, gracious, dignified women!

      PM: Who are some other emerging, international designers you admire?

      NB: I love good design; it could be emerging, artisanal or a huge brand - the product must speak to me!

      PM: What are your 3 favorite pieces on Porte Mode this season (besides your own)?

      NB: The Leather and Wool Biker by Carnet Du Style, the Crossbody Tote by PartspARTs and the Feather Print Jacket by Jarret. 


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