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Designer Spotlight: DVIBHUMI

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Today in #PMPeople, Porte Mode shines the spotlight on the designer behind jewelry line DVIBHUMI. Meet Vyshnavi! 

PM: Your jewelry is the perfect amalgam of intricate feminine details and strong, bold shapes and structures – tell us more about your design process and the inspiration behind your current collections?

V: I suppose my love for detail and storytelling comes from landscapes that are organic, mostly vignettes of daily life in India and my travels in Southeast Asia, both of which show up abundantly in my work. And my love for structure, order and urbanity are influenced by Singapore where I currently live and design. I don’t have a set design process – maybe I’m more preoccupied than process driven! I’m always searching for stories and forms wherever I go, and in everything. I’m always looking at what jewelry people are wearing, decoding peoples’ style. And somewhere, somehow, all of this comes together to form an idea. When an idea holds my interest over a period of time, I start the spadework to develop it further. I’m currently obsessing over Balinese Wayang Kulit and temple architecture, and the aesthetic world of the Carnatic Music diva that almost every South Indian has grown up listening to, MS Subbulakshmi. I like using contemporary forms to tell classic tales. I work in collaboration with artisans in India and Indonesia who bring my inspirations alive in rich detail.

PM: What is your advice to women who want to experiment with jewelry that goes beyond their comfort zone of say, pearl studs?

V: Start small. There are plenty of independent jewelry artists making small but very interesting pieces you could experiment with without overthinking. Then, shift focus. Tone down your outfit once in a while and let your jewelry do the talking. Once you’re comfortable and know what you like, there is no end to experimentation!

PM: You have traveled the world – which is the one city besides Singapore that you feel equally at home in?

V: I love Tokyo. Everything is so deep, and so elevated.

PM: Porte Mode is showcasing some of your most dynamic pieces – what do you hope American women take away from your collection?

V: Two things. One, to think of jewelry before the outfit once in a while. And two, to embrace texture, stories, and detail.

PM: What is the biggest challenge for you personally as a designer?

V: Finding a purpose. As a designer you want to create new meaning with what you do.

PM: With the advent of shows such as Blue Print, how is the design scene advancing in Singapore?

V: The design scene in Singapore consists of a small set of very determined designers who work hard to make things happen. The media driven excitement is still very much around big established brands, or “getting the look for less.” For the design scene to truly scale up, it needs an ecosystem, and a vital part of this ecosystem is an audience. Events like Blue Print are a good chance for Asian independent designers to get exposure and win partnerships from big retailers abroad. But they need to also work harder to foster an audience right here that is willing to spend its money on a good independent brand.

PM: What is the one piece that best reflects your label’s style aesthetic completely?

V: The Pura Gajah Tusk Earring is everything Dvibhumi loves. A rich story on a sharp, desirable silhouette.

PM: Who is the “DVIBHUMI” woman?

V: Someone who listens, perceives and wants to have a conversation.

PM: Who are some other emerging jewelry designers you admire?

V: I don’t think you can call them emerging designers, but my current favorite independent designers are Manifest Design (India) and Rosalyn Citta (Indonesia) for creating incredible depth and intrigue with simple forms. I also admire Eina Ahluwalia, for her complexity and purpose.

PM: What are your 3 favorite pieces on Porte Mode this season (besides your own)?

V: I like:

The Beetle Clutch by C MPLT UNKN WN. It’s romantic yet diabolical! 

The Leather Passport Holder by 1701. I’d steal it! 

The Shibori Roll Up Skirt by Ikai



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